Where happy moments become cherished memories

Livingroom from another time

“Such attention to detail, every time I come here I discover something new“

Statements like these from our guests simply make us happy and also a little bit proud. Creating a warm and cozy place where you can unwind while having a beautiful slice of home-made cake, a place that surprises and inspires like a fairytale does, that was exactly our goal when starting to build MalinaStories.

For heart and soul

Our oven-warm, home-made cakes, most of them beautifully decorated with dried flowers, are presented on top of an old pharmacy’s counter.

From Tuesday to Saturday we serve breakfast up to 3pm with toasted sandwiches, porridge, eggs, and healthy pancakes, our so called Quarkies. Every Sunday we also serve our famous brunch etagere with several home-made treats. Afternoon Tea can be booked from Tuesday to Friday starting 3pm (please make reservations!).

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