How it all started

Since March 2019 MalinaStories has been part of Barmbek and Barmbek has been a core part of the Malina story.

Meringue pastry shop becomes MalinaCafé

In 2018, we rather accidentally found the space in Hellbrookstraße 61. Until 2017, it had been the “Konditorei Weber”, with its foundation in 1934 one of the oldest pastry shops in Hamburg. Owned and run by the one of a kind Rosemarie Patzer-Weber, the shop had been famous for its meringues and dog cookies made out of liver sausage.

Place full of magic

As soon as we entered the shop, we could feel the history and charm of the place. A café had to open again here, this is where the MalinaStories should be at home! So the traditional place was filled with new life with a lot of passion, patience and attention to detail.

Why MalinaStories?

We just love it, the pink Raspberry. She was allowed to give our Malina its name and appears again and again in our recipes. Stories stands for all stories that we tell ourselves or that we would like to give a space in our own home.

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